So how does your nose actually pick up a smell? All smells are tiny molecules that have evaporated or floated up in the air. If something does not have much smell it is because the aroma molecules are too big to float up in the air. With corn oil, for example, you really have to put your nose right over the openingChristian Aromatherapy, nasal diagram
of the bottle to smell it. But something like perfume or essential oils have small aroma molecules that evaporate easily and therefore can be breathed in by the nose. The bones inside your nose are shaped so that they cause the air you breathe to twist around as it passes through. That way the aroma molecules are exposed to more nerve endings. The nerving endings collect information about the aroma molecules and then send that information to the emotional center of your brain. Your other senses, hearing, touch, seeing, and tasting collect information and send it to different parts of your brain before the information is sent to the emotional center of the brain. (Of course it happens so fast you wouldn’t notice a difference anyway.) That is why different smells can cause you to react emotionally and to remember things so vividly.


About nball252

Hi, my name is Naomi, I am a Christian, certified aromatherapist. I also have an Associate Degree in Bible. I looked for books about aromatherapy from a Christian point of view and didn't find any, so I wrote one, The Aromatherapy Advocate. An introductory book for Christians on aromatherapy. I have one son whom I home schooled. I started using essential oils 10 years ago. I love the fragrances and I love the powerful benefits of using essential oils. I received my certificate about 10 years ago and have been teaching and writing about aromatherapy from a Christian perspective since then.
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