Warning: Beware Aromatherapy Lies


Watch-out for the lies! Essential oil merchants make some wild claims about the healing abilities of essential oils. They also will tell you that no matter what the ailment is there is an essential oil for it and then tell you which oils to use for your particular ailment. They also say essential oils can heal your spiritual life as well. Are these claims lies, or are they just saying that so you will buy their products, or buy the company products from them? You can learn the truth and make the call for yourself; with a little bit of effort you can see the lies.

Lies are all about words and how they are used. Aromatic healing plants have been used since the beginning of time. (See Genesis 2:12. Bdellium is the family of trees that frankincense and myrrh come from.). If there were no truth that plants can aid in healing then people would have quit using them long time ago. Essential oils can be very helpful aids to healing. But first we must discuss the laws and regulations concerning aromatherapy. According to the Food and Drug Administration, aromatherapy products are considered “cosmetics”.[1] As such anybody can use them and share them with family and friends and sell them as long as the regulations from the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are followed. Unless a doctor or licensed medical person is speaking, a diagnosis’s cannot be made, nor can claims for treatments, attempts to treat, or prevent disease can be made. In other words advertisements can not say “If you have the flu rub this on your chest it will heal you, it is as good as a flu shot.” That is practicing medicine without a license. Instead, look for statements that say “this will help”, instead of saying it will heal. Also look for statements that say things like “studies show…” or “according to Dr. So-and-so…”, then you will know there is fact to back up the claim. Also do some quick research online to see if there really is a scientific study or doctor to back up the statement.

(Up Date: As of 9-22-14, Gary Young, president of Young Living Essential Oils, has been warned by the FDA that he must stop his distributors from diagnosing illness and prescribing essential oils as medicine for treating cancer and preventing Ebola contamination, among many other things, without being medically licensed to do so. The FDA letter, which falls under the category of “Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations” can be read in its entirety here.

There is one absolute lie that most aromatherapist perpetuate and most people believe and that is that essential oils can heal the soul or spirit. In order to better understand this statement I did a little bit of research on what is meant by our soul or spirit. Most discussions were very vague, but from what I understand the words soul and spirit are the same thing. Our soul/spirit is at the core of our nature, it is the religious part of our being. It is the part of us that can communicate with God, or that worships God or longs to be in God’s love. When sin entered the world, that close connection and friendship with God was broken and our soul/spirits became sick. No amount of essential oils can heal that communication or connection. Only God’s love through Jesus Christ can our souls/spirits be healed. Essential oils are very effective in helping with negative emotions and attitudes so when those negative feelings are removed it puts us in the right frame of mind, it clears our minds and readies our “hearts” to receive that communication with God; to receive God’s love and healing. Therefore euphoric emotions and feelings of released negativity from using essential oils is not spiritual healing.

There are so many essential oils available on the market, nearly 400 that are generally regarded as safe. Not only that, but also each and every one of them are incredibly varied in their abilities to heal. Who ever heard of one over-the-counter drug that can help a runny nose, calm an upset stomach, cool an over heated body, soothe over worked sore muscles and clear groggy sleep head? Peppermint oil can do all that! Keeping an aromatherapy journal can help you stay on top of all the information that is out there. You could use a binder and use a new sheet of paper for each essential oil or you could use an empty journal. I use a composition notebook, but the loose leaf binder might be the best choice. For each entry record the common name of the essential oil and the botanical name. Record what ever information is important to you. Most importantly record the source of any scientific studies or doctor recommendations.

You do not have to be at the mercy of advertisers, take responsibility to teach yourself about the wonders of essential oils so you can see for yourself a blatant lie or stretched truth.


About nball252

Hi, my name is Naomi, I am a Christian, certified aromatherapist. I also have an Associate Degree in Bible. I looked for books about aromatherapy from a Christian point of view and didn't find any, so I wrote one, The Aromatherapy Advocate. An introductory book for Christians on aromatherapy. I have one son whom I home schooled. I started using essential oils 10 years ago. I love the fragrances and I love the powerful benefits of using essential oils. I received my certificate about 10 years ago and have been teaching and writing about aromatherapy from a Christian perspective since then.
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