Aromatherapy for Christians

If you are interested in aromatherapy for Christians then this site is for you. This website is written for Christians who are interested in using aromatherapy or essential oils. Most of the books you read about aromatherapy are full of New Age philosophies such as astrology, divination, channeling, an all-inclusive definition of God, or Higher consciousness etc. The idea of uniting with the universe is so prevalent though out our society that many Christians accept the idea, as is the idea of visualization and mind over matter. Also the idea that a plant oil can bring about spiritual healing is nothing but a lie. Here you will learn the truth about aromatherapy foe Christians.


I have read in several different books that say since aromatherapy is used in the New Age religion we should have nothing to do with it. I disagree! As Christians, we should learn the truth about essential oils and share what we have learned.

In the beginning God created plants. He was the first aroma therapist and the first herbalist, and the first dietitian for that matter. He created the plants with healing properties, whether the plants are to eat, sniff or drink in tea.

Essential oils are tools, created by God, a precious gift for us to use. All healing comes from God, just as every breath we breathe is a gift from God. Spiritual healing can only come from God by way of Jesus. Only God’s forgiveness and love can heal our sin sick souls. He loves us and wants us to be healthy and has given us tools to help bring it about. I reclaim aromatherapy for God and I thank Him and praise him for His wonderful kindness! Aromatherapy is for Christians!

Search for a Christian Aromatherapy Book

I wanted a book on aromatherapy for Christians when I first started learning about aromatherapy fifteen years ago. I looked all over the place…Ok, I looked on Amazon.

All the aromatherapy books I looked at (and websites) were full of New Age and Eastern religious beliefs. In some books it was subtle but in others New Age and Hinduism was blatant. The multitudes of aromatherapy books have just enough truth in them for the undiscerning Christian to believe. But a Christian that is looking for Gods truth will see the false beliefs and will want to know more about Christian aromatherapy. Among other things, they all said that essential oils can heal the soul and spirit. That is just not true. Only Jesus can heal the soul!

I found 3 books that claimed to be books on aromatherapy for Christians. (Two of which were written by the same author.) Don’t you hate it when you buy a book and finally get a chance to read it you realize it is all wrong? That is what happened several times when I bought aromatherapy books.

The first one has a lot of good information but the sole purpose of the book is to promote the essential oil company the author is affiliated with.

The other two were a real big disappointments. They were also full of New Age and Eastern religious beliefs and even explained how to do a Hindu ritual!

So I wrote my own book! The Aromatherapy Advocate. (After much studying and research of course.)

In it you can learn all the necessary information to begin using essential oils, and hopefully you won’t do anything dumb like the time I put a blend of essential oils for colds on my little boys neck which had cinnamon oil in it. He cried himself to sleep and I hyperventilated while blowing on his little neck! They said it was safe to put it right on the skin! Anyway the book also talks about aromatic oils in the Bible, which oils were used and how they used them. It is an introduction to aromatherapy and the different ways to use essential oils and gives lots of recipes.

Aromatherapy is a Reflection of God’s Lovingkindness.

In the beginning God created a garden and put Adam and Eve in it. And it was good, He said. However, God knew that sickness would enter the world and that we would need some help, so He created plants with healing properties. To me that show such tender love, like a dad taking chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers to his sick kid.