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Essential Oil Journals and Record Keeping Printables

Essential Oil Journals and Record Keeping Printables

Essential Oil Journal Pintables

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Do feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on using aromatherapy? Have you noticed how every book has different suggestions? How often have you used a recipe of essential oils successfully then later when you needed it again you couldn’t remember exactly which oils you used. Or how many times have you purchased an essential oil when you already had one? If you have children, it is very likely they will have different sensitivities and different reactions. Keeping an essential oil journal will help you to keep it all under control.


With these printables, which you can keep in a binder, you can;
– keep track of your inventory
– record research about the oils you have (essential oil profiles), and make it attractive
– record your favorite, most successful recipes
– keep a record of when your children were sick and which essential oils you used (which is a good thing to keep a record of because if you are using essential oils then so much time will lapse between them getting sick you will have forgotten what you did to make them better!)
– plan ahead to make projects, such as lotions, and ointments
– use literal cut-and-paste illustrations to decorate your journal

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