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Release Past Emotions, Really?

It said, “Applying cedarwood essential oil each night on the back and sides of the head helps to deprogram cellular memory which holds on to past recurring emotions that no longer serve us.” Is this claim the advertisement makes real? … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy Benefits the Pocketbook.

Aromatherapy can save you a lot of money. But I don’t mean smelly candles and air fresheners. Aromatherapy in the true sense of the word means therapy from aroma or therapy from the use of aromatic plant oils. Essential oils … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy Benefits for Your Health

Many people say that one of aromatherapy benefits is that it can heal the soul. But this is not true. Our soul or spirit is the religiousness of our being. It is the part of us that can communicate with … Continue reading

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