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Dispelling Myths and Misinformation of Aromatherapy Part 2

Healing the Spirit One claim that is often made and is not true is that aromatherapy can heal the spirit. Christians know that only Jesus can heal your spirit, (Read Acts 4:12).  Aromatherapy is very effective in helping emotions. Emotions … Continue reading

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Warning: Beware Aromatherapy Lies

Watch-out for the lies! Essential oil merchants make some wild claims about the healing abilities of essential oils. They also will tell you that no matter what the ailment is there is an essential oil for it and then tell … Continue reading

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Which is the Best Essential Oils Company?

    Which is the best essential oil company? is a question that is often asked by many people. Unfortunately, it brings up even more questions: “Are you looking for the essential oil company with the best marketing plan and best … Continue reading

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Essential Oil Class at Church

The thing about doing essential oil classes at church is that it is important not to put emphasis on the business. I believe church is not the time or place for business transactions. It is fine to teach about how … Continue reading

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How to Host Essential Oil Parties

Are you a distributor or representative for a network marketing or party-plan business that sells essential oils? I was once but it didn’t work out for me for several reasons. One thing I had a hard time with was making … Continue reading

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Hosting an Essential Oil Party: 10 Things to Not Do

From my experience, here is a list of 10 thing to NOT do when you are hosting an essential oil network marketing business party, class or event. 1. Don’t wait until the day of to clean house. 2. Don’t expect … Continue reading

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